"People come on safari only peripherally to hunt.  The wood smoke of seasoned mopane, the sweating beers and other revivers, the soft chatter of the staff, the hyenas in the background, the white ants or termites around the Cadac pressure lamps, the brilliant clarity of the night sky as one may never have seen it, the distant roaring of a pride of lions- hopefully quite distant- the smell of cordite and the aroma of freshly shot guinea fowl or francolin for lunch in the bush- these are what safari is really about: hardly the killing of animals which, with a true sportsman, is at least tertiary."- Peter Hathaway CapstickA Return to the Long Grass
Kudu by Horseback 
Field Attire
Gentleman HunterPeter Byrne

Gentleman Hunter
Peter Byrne

“When you are shooting trophy heads, your main idea is to pick out one especially choice item and shoot it as swiftly and competently as possible. You want to get as close as you can without disturbing the beast, and then to shoot it dead so you won’t have to follow it into the bush and risk a charge from a sick, angry animal at close range. And generally speaking, the sportsman is shooting lone males - old boys who were past breeding, expelled from the herd, and wearing enough mane, horns or ivory to make them a welcome addition to the wall. The trophy hunter shoots sparingly, because he only wants the best.
The photographer wants it dramatic, of course, and he wants as many animals as possible, at once, with the sun just right, and as close as he can get. This means that the animal must be agitated, must be disturbed, and must be rendered irritable and nervous. Eventually his patience dissipates, and he charges. Somebody has to stop him, or somebody gets gored and trampled.”

—   Robert Ruark
"Darkroom Africa"
Esquire Magazine
September 1954
There has been much controversy over Dallas Safari Club’s efforts to auction of one specific black rhino tag, to raise money for Black Rhino Conservation in Namibia.  The major detail that gets left out of much of the debate is that the Namibian Government was going to kill the cantankerous old bull regardless (as he is past breeding age, and had become a threat to younger male rhinos).  The auctioning of the tag was projected to raise upwards of $1M for rhino conservation.  Because of death threats from concerned American citizens who disapproved strongly of the killing of this old rhino bull, the tag went for a fraction of what it otherwise could (read: should) have… approximately $350,000.  Do I have any interest in shooting a rhino? Absolutely not.  Do I think auctioning this tag was the best thing for rhino conservation in Namibia? Absolutely. I only wished they would have raised the full $1M…Source: Sports Afield
12 ga. 

12 ga. 

The “Mysterious Queen”, a man-eating tigress, has claimed her 10th victim in 6-weeks in Northern India.  If you have ever read Jim Corbett, that story-line is all too familiar. Example: The Champawat Tiger.

Warning, many visitors have been gored by buffalo.

Warning, many visitors have been gored by buffalo.

In the early 1930’s the wild turkey was on the verge of extinction. But today, thanks to hunters and wildlife restoration programs, the wild turkey is abundant and thriving.

In the early 1930’s the wild turkey was on the verge of extinction. But today, thanks to hunters and wildlife restoration programs, the wild turkey is abundant and thriving.

Kilimanjaro Doctari Rifle in 505 Gibbs.

Fascinated and impressed with what I have just read, regarding Kilimanjaro's “Stealth Lamination” wood stocks.  From what I understand, the wood that is to be used for making a stock, is ripped in thirds, with the center piece being the thinnest of the bunch, then the center piece is reversed 180 degrees and the whole lot is laminated back together into a solid blank, to be carved and whittled into a stunning finished stock.  The result is a fine looking, exhibition-worthy Walnut stock that is far more resistant to be adversely affected by temperature and humidity changes.  Simple, elegant and brilliant.  

"Nobody has yet written or will ever write just how much ground a wounded leopard can cover, or be able to describe the spitting, growling, roaring, snarling fury that one small can distill when it’s prime aim is your throat for its fangs, your belly for it’s ripping hind claws." - Robert Ruark
"Tigers do not know that human beings have no sense of smell, and when a tiger becomes man-eater it treats human beings exactly as it treats wild animals, that is, it approaches it’s intended victims up-wind, or lies up in wait for them down-wind.The significance of this will be apparent when it is realized that, while the sportsman is trying to get a sight of the tiger, the tiger in all probability is trying to stalk the sportsman, or is lying up in wait for him.” 
-Jim Corbett “Man-eaters of Kumaon”